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Vaginal Stimulation

  • Vaginal Stimulation the G- (Grafenberg) spot, named for the physician credited with identifying it (though some sex researchers are still skeptical that the G-spot exists), is located on the upper wall of the vagina toward the stomach, about a third of the way in. To locate your G-spot, use a finger or two (being careful not to scratch yourself if you have long fingernails) to make a "come hither" motion and rub gently. Many women find that as they become more aroused they need to use firmer pressure. At the point of strong arousal, some women can feel an area of tissue under their fingers enlarge and become harder.

    It is important to remember that the G-spot is not a magic button designed to drive women to the heights of ecstasy. It is simply an area that gives pleasurable sensations to some women when it is stimulated. Many women say they feel nothing at all, and some even find G-spot stimulation irritating. Even women who enjoy G-spot stimulation often require additional stimulation of the clitoris (at the front part of the vulva) to reach orgasm.

    Of course, there is nothing wrong with trying to enhance your sexual pleasure through G-spot stimulation, just as there is nothing wrong with ignoring the G-spot if you don't find stimulation of the area pleasurable. If you do decide to go for the G-spot, don't assume that it will always provide an earth-shattering sexual experience; however it might just add to your overall sense of pleasure and enjoyment.


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