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Vaginal Piercing

  • Vaginal piercing and tattooing are unregulated in most U.S. states and are even illegal in some. Since body piercing has become popular, shops have sprung up everywhere - with little or no regulation and very little incentive to take precautions against infections or other health hazards.

    So Just How Bad Is the Piercing Scene?

    Well, the American Dental Association opposes oral (tongue, lip, or cheek) piercing and calls it a public health hazard. The American Academy of Dermatology has taken a position against all forms of body piercing with one exception: the ear lobe (they also don't object as strenuously to belly button piercing.. And both the U.S. and Canadian Red Cross won't accept blood donations from anyone who has had a body piercing or tattoo within a year because both procedures can transmit dangerous blood-borne diseases.

    If you choose to have a body part pierced, you run the risk of the following:

    * Chronic infection

    * Prolonged bleeding

    * Scarring

    * Hepatitis B and C (which can be fatal)

    * Tetanus

    * HIV (although there are no documented cases of this)

    * Skin allergies to the jewelry that's used

    * Abscesses or boils (infected cysts that form under your skin at the site of the piercing, which you may have to have drained with needles)

    * Permanent holes


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