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Sphincter Valve

  • A sphincter valve is a fluid-filled system that surrounds the urethra with a silicone cuff that functions as a sphincter; a pump is in the scrotum and a fluid reservoir is in the abdomen. For urination, the pump's release valve is squeezed to allow the fluid to leave the urethral cuff and return to the reservoir; after urination is complete, the pump is squeezed and the fluid returns to the cuff to occlude the urethra.

    This could happen to you, or you could start exercising
    your sphincter muscle today.

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Kegel Exerciser

Put control back into your life and bring sexual pleasure
back into the bedroom. Avoid costly and painful invasive surgery. Bring back vaginal tightness while preventing and treating urinary incontinence. Resistance vaginal
exercise of PC muscles is vital to your vaginal health.
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FDA- Cleared Kegel Muscles

PMTx: Pelvic Muscle Therapy Program

Identifies, isolates and trains the
Pubococcygeal muscles correctly.

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The PMTx program also includes a step by step training video, and an instructional manual that is designed to increase your knowledge about your body, motivate you towards a lifestyle change, and help keep weekly progress reports.


Stepfree Vaginal Weights

Progressive weight system for improving muscular control. Studies have shown that pelvic floor muscle exercise programs like ours have improved bladder control for many woman within 4-6 weeks. But don't take our word for it. Ask your doctor about pelvic floor muscle exercises and the Step Free program. After all, your doctor knows best.

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