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Kegel Exercise With Vaginal Weights

Prevent Leakage Once and For All
Many of them suffer in silence.  They use menstrual pads or adult diapers to protect their underwear and clothing.  A few women ask their doctor about the problem.  Doctors often prescribe drugs or recommend surgery.  The best doctors recommend another alternative.  You’ll learn more about that in a moment. Drugs have side effects.  Surgery is not always effective.  Wearing pads or diapers is uncomfortable and embarrassing.  All of this is unnecessary.

What is stress incontinence?
Urinary incontinence can be caused by a number of things.  In stress incontinence urine leaks out when you




Bend over

Lift heavy objects

Have sex

Basically, any time that stress is placed on the bladder, urine can leak out of the urethra.  It can happen when your bladder is not full, even right after going to the bathroom. If your bladder is full, it may be difficult to make it to the bathroom.  You may avoid traveling or doing other things that you enjoy. 
There is a simple method to help you start living life as you want and deserve to. More and more doctors are recommending it, because it is safer than drugs or surgery.  It is also more effective, because it addresses the cause of stress incontinence.   

What causes stress incontinence?
The cause of stress incontinence is weak pelvic or sphincter muscles.  Both sets of muscles could be involved.
The muscles may have become weakened due to pregnancy or childbirth.  Pregnancy puts extra stress on the muscles.  Childbirth causes them to stretch.
Like all muscles in the body, it is possible to strengthen the sphincter and the pelvic muscles with the right VagaCare Boxexercise. 

stepsThe easiest way to do it is with VagaCare™ vaginal weights.
Drugs cannot cure stress incontinence.  Surgery is not a cure for this kind of problem.  Strengthening your muscles is the only real solution.

You may have heard of Kegel exercises.

VagaCare™ vaginal weights help you
perform Kegel exercises correctly

The instructions are simple and easy to follow. 
It is a basic four step program that makes use of gravity to strengthen your muscles.

The VagaCare™ brand is easier to use than other products on the market.  They are specially designed to fit in exactly the right part of your vagina.  Other products are too large and long, making it difficult to place them correctly. The cone that holds the weight is composed of hypoallergenic material.  It is easier to insert than a tampon.vaginal cones
The interchangeable weights allow you to strengthen the muscles as time goes by.  When it becomes easy to hold one weight in place, you step up to a heavier weight. 

The exercise can be done while you are jogging or working around the house.  So, it doesn't have to take time away from your busy schedule. If your muscles are very weak, you perform the exercise lying down.  In a short period of time, you should be able to hold the weight in place while standing up.  Most women notice a difference within a few weeks.   Any woman can benefit from their use.  It should be a part of every woman’s regular exercise program.  Strengthening your sphincter and pelvic muscles can make childbirth easier and improve your sex life. learn more

vagacare vaginal weights



Kegel exercises also need to be done properly. Dr Arnold Kegel, who developed the concept of the pelvic floor "lift and squeeze" exercise technique in the 1950s, never intended the exercises to be done on an empty vagina. Somewhere along the way, his message has become distorted and many women are told to do just that, causing them to feel they have failed when their exercise program doesn't seem to improve muscle strength.

Research has clearly demonstrated that most women benefit from using kegel exercise devices.

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